Mohawk Strand Woven Bamboo

Benefits of Strand Woven Bamboo

As bamboo flooring is widely known for its inherent strength, strand woven bamboo takes it a step further for stronger, higher quality and aesthetically pleasing flooring. Achieved through distinct manufacturing processes, strand woven bamboo floors can transform any space into a high-class stylish retreat with ease of mind durability and long lasting beauty.

Mohawk Hilea Strand Woven Bamboo
Mohawk Hilea

Using 4-6 year matured bamboo shoots, strand woven bamboo floors are constructed by first cutting or shredding each shoot into long, slender strips. These strips are than boiled and ground down by special machinery. Once allowed to dry, the strips are heated to a high temperature allowing for malleability as each strip is then woven together, hence its name.

Once tightly woven, the bamboo endures a high-pressure laminating process. In this step, a non-toxic, water-based resin is typically used allowing for further sustainable attributes and low VOC emissions. This laminate process likewise seals the bamboo flooring delivering superior strength furthering its ability to resist moisture.

Many manufactures offer both strand woven and regular bamboo flooring in a variety of styles, shades and sizes. Mohawk is a leading manufacturer for popular strand woven bamboo flooring. Both the Hilea and Kahala collections offer premium durability and quality with a selection of classically styled flooring. Both Mohawk strand woven bamboo collections present a stunning backdrop to any lifestyle with a timeless draw.

Mohawk Kahala Strand Woven Bamboo
Mohawk Kahala

Strand woven bamboo floors are widely loved for their popular grain or pattern adding character to any decor. Although this may vary slightly with manufactures, these floors present subtle detailing with a high-impact intrigue. An added bonus, these resilient floor coverings can be applied to just about any room of the home allowing for a continuous design statement throughout the home.

For more information on these highly noted bamboo floors, or other popular strand woven collections, call us at 866-705-1340 for any questions, comments or styling tips.

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